Feb 16, 2014

WoW! : Jade Emperor's Birthday @ A Clan Jetty House

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Jade Emperor's Birthday @ A Clan Jetty House

I had joined the revelry at of the Jade Emperor God's birthday at the the clan jetties off Weld Quay in George TownPenang.(... see Pai Ti Kong - Jade Emperor God Festival blog). It was past midnight and I had finished seeing and smelling (yes, the sulphur smoky smell left behind by the crackers) of the setting off of fire-crackers & fireworks, the burning of hell notes, etc. I am heading to one of the clan jetty houses - my friends have invited me over to Aliya's house to join them in their personal celebration. Wooo.... hooo.....

Aliya's place is at the second last jetty, the entrance to the jetty is marked by this sign advertising a Heritage Homestay.

From this entrance I walked down a plank walkway, on both sides of houses all with altars and sugar-canes as offering to the Jade Emperor on his birthday.
This place is interesting, the walk-way and houses all sit on stilts over the sea. Aliya's house is at the far end, it will be a nice walk for me.

As I walked down, the residents were very friendly, wishing me "Keong Hee! Keong Hee!". That's short for "Keong Hee Huat Chye" the Hokkien equivalent of Kong Xi Fa Cai, the Chinese New Year greeting.

Aliya's House is at the far end of the jetty, a very convenient location as it gives more privacy than those along the way in.

Across can be seen the temple of the Yeoh Jetty, jutting out prominently into the sea; its bright and colourful neon lights reflecting beautifully by the water.

At the front of the house two table have been laid out as an altar with offerings.

A close up view of the offering altar showing the roast pig, dumplings, fruits, hell notes and joss sticks.

I have been to the clan jetties several times but have not had the opportunity to enter one; this now is my chance to go in a see how life is like inside.
This is the view from the entrance door. Traditionally a red banner has been hung over the door for the Chinese New Year period. Facing the door is the permanent altar, in front is a temporary table for additional offerings. A narrow corridor on one side leads to the bedrooms. At the back should be the kitchen, dining room, etc.

Due to being built on stilts over the sea, the clan jetty houses are not big but they are adequately comfortable. This here is the view of the living room, viewing towards the entrance door.

The dry kitchen area and dining room (viewing towards the front). My friends happily posing for me.

The dry kitchen & dining room (view towards the rear). Behind the partition where the fridge is is the laundry area with a washing machine. Modern life has come to these clan houses too. Beyond the door way at the back is the wet kitchen, another dining area and laundry drying space. No pictures of this, as some guests were having a steamboat dinner/supper- must appreciate their privacy.
Wondering what the man in black is doing? Read on and find out.

By the way, this is a view of the entrance foyer of the Clan Jetty House Homestay that is just behind Aliya's house.

The fireworks over Weld Quay is still ongoing, time to start our own celebration.

With the crackling of a string of fire-crackers, it started!

We humans can now consume the food that were offered to the Jade Emperor. The roast pig is cut up ....

... and chopped up into smaller pieces.

Yes! Our friend, the man in black has volunteered to be the butcher for the night.
Guests and relatives, freely helped themselves to the food. The balance food will be packed up into packages for relatives to take back. They will sure remember this occasion for a few days to come!

The pig's head will receive special treatment. Together with the roasted trotters, they will be used to cook Penang Hokkein's version of chop suey.

A young relative offering sweet glutinous rice cake to an elder. It is considered good luck to eat this and other "blessed" food that has been offered at the altar earlier. It is even better to filially offer and accept this food.

And some beer - spirits to add to the celebration spirit!


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