Jun 16, 2012

Twisty Tales : Snake Bite Pt.2

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sssSnake Bite Pt. 2

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People call me a BANANA. Why? A banana is the term for a Chinese who acts more English - One who is yellow on the outside and white inside. I am a Chinese who can hardly speak Mandarin, and am not too familiar with its various customs. Worse -  I don't eat durians and can't stand the smell of them! Let's continue with the snake bite.

After the episode of the snake bite in Part 1, my co-adventurers quickly tied a tourniquet around my thigh. Not at the ankle, as they feared the snake poison could have spreaded up. Another of them quickly got on his bike and rushed to a public telephone (this was pre-mobile phone days) to call for an ambulance.
And I was telling myself, "Keep calm. Keep calm." Don't let the poison spread. I started meditating "Om...om...om..."
The ambulance came. But the attendants didn't bring a stretcher to the cliff side to carry me down. Am I suppose to pay them?

Anyway, time is of the essence to safe my life. My friends helped me limp down, shining a torch to make our way to the waiting ambulance. Again - "Keep calm." Was some numbness spreading up my body? "Om...om..."

The ambulance, like it's attendants, was in no hurry. It made a detour to drop off another passenger before proceeding to the hospital at its leisurely pace. No sirens, only silence.
What the ##? "Om....om..om..om...om"

We reached the hospital and I was quickly wheeled to the "Toxic" ward, given a couple of sedative jabs and put onto one of the many beds of the 3rd class ward. All in I was given a total of 17 jabs - very much more than what the snake gave me.

There I was, a small 14-year old boy lying on the bed - dirty and all alone in the dim ward. A few beds away, a younger boy lay unconscious, hooked onto an ECG machine. The parents were next to him weeping for his recovery. And I was trying hard to listen to the ECG beeps, are they still  there? Is this going to happen to me? "Om.....om....om....o.."

An hour later, another guy about my age, was wheeled in and placed on the bed next to mine. He was bitten while eating durians at a plantation. What was he doing eating durians in a plantation in the late evening? There's no understanding these durian lovers - they go to lengths to savor the King of Fruits.

At around midnight, this guy suddenly turned towards my side and vomited onto the floor. This being the third class ward, the vomit was left there until the cleaners come in the morning.

I can't stand the smell of durians, the stench of durian vomit is a 100 times worst. 


Accepting my fate, I just turned away, covered my head with the pillow and tried my best to sleep.

You are at - Jotaro's Blog / Twisty Tales / Snake Bite Pt. 2
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