Jun 2, 2012

Why Blog?

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Why do people blog? Most of the times it is just to share, other times to put down memories for their future recollection.

Me?   I blog to first of all to share and secondly (importantly to myself) to leave an impression to the world of myself. Yes, it could be a selfish reason - but I do hope that at the same time it does bring some joy to others.

Why impressions?

Most of us are mundane people. We may do memorable deeds, but most of it will be memorable to only a close group of friends or acquaintances. How many of us will be remembered when we are long gone? Yes we will be remembered, perhaps for a generation or two and probably at max three generations. And mostly by family and friensds.

The question is - how many of us will be remembered by the rest of the world - by people who totally don't know us - by strangers.

Not many of us will be renown like Albert Einstein, John Kennedy, John Walton, Babe Ruth etc. And even less of us will have done infamous deeds like Jack the Ripper, Adolf Hitler or even Botak Chin. 

These people can easily be recalled for their deeds or misdeeds.

Writers like Enid Blyton, Jules Verne; and artist like Picasso, Leornado will be remembered by the hard-copy of books and paintings they leave behind.

What about us, the man in the street, the general public?

Blogging gives us - the nondescript - a chance to leave that little mark in the world. That little hint that we were around; when someone in future click and search and found our blog.

They will read about us, about our experiences, our travels, our food, our thoughts, our likes and our dislikes.

Yes! Blogging gives us that chance to leave that small mark to show that 


August 2019 - Postscript 1
After sharing my blogs with my friends and acquaintances, my perception of blogging have somewhat changed. I realize that now I blog more to share my experiences with my friends.
Sharing with them:
- my travel adventures
- the food I have tasted
- my hilarious life stories
- in biking, sharing with those keen to pick up cycling, the pitfalls one can face in purchasing bicycles and its accessories.
- with my biking friends, the fun and tribulations we have in riding together.

You are at - Jotaro's Blog / Why Blog
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