Feb 3, 2013

WoW! : Ang Choon Bok's 74th Birthday

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A YOUNG MAN'S 74th BIRTHDAY LUNCH : February 2013
The "Young Man" kicking-off the dinner with Loh Sang.
 My wifey & me were most honored when my younger brother Luke invited us to celebrate his father-in-law, Mr. Ang Choon Bok's 74th Birthday. We call him the Young Man because even at his age he is still so full of live and has a young man's attitude.

We held it at the May Chixuan Restaurant at Damansara Perdana.
It was a good choice as we had eaten here before and the food is unique & delicious (see YummY! - Sumptuous Seafood @ May Chixuan)

Many relatives attended.

A relative young couple and their son.

Luke's wife, Elaine with her father, uncle & auntie.

As it was near Chinese New Year, the lunch meal kicked-off with the traditional "loh sang" (prosperity toss). Sorry, no photos on the tossing as, I was busy tossing away too - cannot miss getting good luck for richness.

Next came the "Birthday Longevity Noodles", a must have for any birthday do.
Just in case that you may thinking - No, this picture is not blurred, it's the steam coming out from the mee!

The third dish was "Ham Yee Fah Lam Poh", claypot stewed pork belly with salted fish.
Spicy, salty and one of my favorites that goes well with fried rice.

Tofu with Japanese straw mushrooms topped with slices of carrots, button mushrooms and some whole pea pods.

Deep Fried Chicken with onion rings in sweet-sour sauce.

Stir-fried Paku vegetable in Sambal Belacan.

Stir-fried mixed vegetable - simple & colorful.

Steamed grouper in garlic-soy sauve, fresh and tasty.
Surprisingly, Luke's daughter Margie took to the head quiet well - she likes the eye-part including the eye balls! That is also one of my favorites, did she take after me - her god-father - as those are my favorites too.

Prawn curry in a whole coconut, this is one specialty that can only be found in a few places.

Close up of one of the Curried Prawns - YummY!

With the main meal over, the beautiful birthday cake was brought out...

... the candles were lit & a joyous birthday song were sung ...
with a quick puff the Young Man blew out the candles.

With his secret wish, he cut the birthday cake.

"Happy Birthday, Young Man"

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