Sep 17, 2012

WoW! : Motherhood

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(This is a story of a friend of mine which I feel I should share with you all)

These days, women find it harder and harder to conceive, especially working women. Perhaps it is due to the pressure and the rat race of modern day life, or perhaps it could be due to the changes in the food that we eat.

This story is about a woman's determination to become a mother. After all, this is what drives humanity on - the urge to procreate. Let's call this woman B.

A couple of years after getting married, B found out that she had ovarian cyst. It was not something overly serious and could be healed by taking medication, no surgery was required.

Nevertheless, she was concerned about her chances to conceive, and regularly visited her gynaecologist to ensure that all is well with her recovery. After three months of medication, the gynae advised that the cyst have cleared and there should not be a problem for her to have a baby.

And after a suitable period of taking medication to strengthen her body from the effects of the cyst, she tried having a baby - of course with the help of her husband! They tried hard and as often as they could - but even after two years B was still not pregnant.

So, it was back to the gynae for more check-ups. The diagnosis  was discouraging, B has a condition known as hyper-acidity, her husband's little soldiers would have no chance of reaching their target.  More medication needed to be taken to reduce the acidity to level suitable for conceiving. B was disheartened but was still very determined; and tried all the medication prescribed. But it was to no avail! She still could not get a baby.

Having tried Western medication without results, she turned to traditional and also not so traditional Oriental methods. She was desperate. Very desperate!

She went to a Chinese Medium who through his mediumish ways diagnosed that her womb was "cold". He then had her stand at one corner,  while he stood about three feet away and started projecting warm "chi"  through his out-turned palms towards her. NO SUCCESS!

Another medium chanted prays for her and wrote Chinese "fish" characters on a holy paper for her to burn. The ashes she put in water and drank. ALSO NO SUCCESS!

Finally she went to a Chinese sinseh (a Chinese doctor trained in traditional Chinese medicine). The husband was a bit concerned as this sinseh operated from the back-portion of a Chinese Medicine Shop. A long queue of "patients" would line up at the back lane of this shop-house, waiting for their turn.

The sinseh was a scrawny old man - half sitting & half squatting on a low stool put on top of a long wooden bench (this is a very archaic way of Chinese sitting) he would just feel the pulse of his patients and be able to tell what was wrong and also what to prescribe.

When it came to B's turn she put out her hand in quiet respect, while her husband stood by with a disbelieving frown. The old man must be quite used to this situation and just nonchalantly proceeded to feel B's pulse and wrote a quick prescription.

With the prescription, B went to the front medicine shop. The shop assistant looked at the prescription, laid out three sheets of paper on the counter, opened a few drawers on a wall cabinet behind him and started to pile up the ingredients of the prescription onto the paper sheets. Three sheets of paper for three helpings and when all was completed, three bundles of medication were handed to B. She paid and went home.

When she got back home and opened the bundles, the husband stared with mouth agape! In each bundle were herbs of all kinds, ginsengs, some bark, fungus, roots, etc. Worse, there were even dried cockroaches and lizard's skin. Every three days, B was to boil each packet in a clay medicinal pot and drink the concoction. Who in their right mind would drink such an un-appetizing if not nauseating potion.
A woman determined to be a mother would!

And that concoction worked! A month later B was pregnant with her first child.

Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage. At the hospital bed she cried and cried into her pillow.
A kindly nurse consoled her, saying that since she already got pregnant once, her body chemistry has now changed and she should be able to get pregnant again.

She DID get pregnant again later without having to go through the whole difficult process.

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